Sunday, April 10, 2011

Not as bad as I thought...

I weighed myself this morning. 185.6 pounds. I was expecting to have gained back almost all I lost, so that measly .6 lb doesn't bother me at all. I had a great lesson, and I successfully staved off a sugar craving with some fruit.

We took pictures today during the lesson.

I got some pretty decent leg yields.

Taking pictures helps you realize some things. I think my leg is slightly too far forward, and I am absolutely not sitting up as straight as I need to be.

Despite all of my little nitpicking on my riding, I must be doing something right - Avalon looks great!

I also start to lean forward during cavaletti.

This is Pete. Like I said, he's a bit chunky right now. I should have taken a front on picture, his gut is wider than his shoulders and hips right now.

And I saw a bunny!

Nothing like photographic proof of how large your butt is to make you want to work harder at losing weight.

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  1. Thanks for commenting/visiting my blog. I too just went through a weight loss journey and just wanted to encourage you in it. I attended weight watchers and couldn't have done it without it. I started at 194 and my goal was 154. I met that goal in December. Though my highest weight was 209, yikes! Anyways your horses are very lovely and I look forward to reading more.