Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pete and Bratitude

That is not terribly unlike what Pete has looked like for the past 3 days. Of course, there would be both a dressage saddle and me on top of him. I would probably look like I have no idea what just happened. Because I kind of don't.

Pete has never been super good in upward transitions to the canter. I have him because he threw too many people. But I did eventually do enough work to where I had a horse I could get reasonably calm upward transitions on.

Until I gave him two and a half weeks off because the only saddle I have that fit him broke.

I now have something like the picture. For half the length of the arena. Every single time I ask for an upward transition to the canter.

I will not be going to that show my trainer mentioned in two weeks.

I will, however, be busting my butt riding that horse every day until I can get something decent out of him.

I really wish I had someone to video his freakouts.

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