Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Ok, so I'm trying to find a picture of me to post here...since it's my first post and all and everyone should probably know what I look like. But every single (decent) picture I have I'm with a bunch of friends, and I'm not going to post people up here unless I have permission.

Do I fail at blogging already?

Wait! Found one!

Yay! Ok, so maybe decent is the wrong word, but hey, my horse looks cute!

As you can already tell, this blog isn't really about anything. See I tried the targeted subject matter stuff they tell people to do when the want to start a blog...but I suck at it. I just get so bored talking about one subject. I probably have some kind of low level ADD, as in I like to learn about a million things but never really have an interest in becoming an expert on anything. Which makes career decisions difficult, trust me. So I'm just going to talk about my life in general.

That means you should expect posts on such random things as:
  1. Trying to pass the bar! Yay, lawyer stuff right? No? Didn't think so, but it was worth a try.
  2. Horses. In case you didn't guess. I kind of have two right now, but only one is for keeps. That would be the great white beast you see above, and don't be fooled by how adorable he looks. He's a loon. Even my vet says so. We're a good match.
  3. Losing weight. This seems like kind of an unfun subject, but many people (like me) struggle with it, so posting my rants and whines will help to give me an imaginary sense of accountability. I gained like 30 pounds in law school because I used to spent my days running around campus and riding horses and doing barn chores, which meant I could eat whatever I wanted and be within a standard BMI. And then I went to law school and spent my day sitting at a desk. And eating whatever I wanted. And that didn't work out so hot. 
  4. Random outdoor activities. I live in South Carolina. South Carolina may be the butt of a disproportionate number of Daily Show jokes, but it's a gorgeous place for doing outdoorsy things. And since I need to move more, I'm making it a goal to try and get out more. This weekend I'm going hiking. 
  5. Career decisions. I am in my late (already?) 20s, so I will most likely agonize over the whole "Is this the right path for me?" and "What kind of career do I want and how do I get there?" kinds of questions. Because indecision is one of those things I'm good at. 
  6. Travel. I really really want to return to Japan. I studied abroad during my junior year of college and had a blast - but left without achieving full fluency. I want to go back and pass that test! 
See ya!

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